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Tribal Development
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Forest Dependent Tribals
  • To provide infrastructure support for development of tribal settlements.
  • To provide health, education, electricity, drinking water, housing and approach road and thereby improve the standard of living of tribals within forest areas.
  • To establish partnerships with tribals for their development, empowerment and engage them in conservation and management of the forest wealth.
  • To develop required skills for tribals, tap and utilize their knowledge for infrastructure development in settlements thereby ensuring confidence building and overall prosperity in their life systems.
Tribals in natural resource management & conservation
The Forest Department in Tamil Nadu has particularly cared to impart the best education for tribals by running 19 schools in tribal areas in Tiruvannamalai, Vellore and Coimbatore districts. Realizing the need of tribals for forest ingredients, this State has also issued orders providing for free collection and use of MFP for tribals . The services of tribals have been utilized in all the major afforestation and development activities of the forest department. The tribal settlements have also been provided with the best infrastructure support through various forestry programmes. Thus the Forest Department programmes and policies have attended to the welfare of the tribal individuals, families and communities living within the forests.
Tribals are the integral part of the forest eco-system and their economy depends on the forest resources. Tribal villages are mostly enclosures located within the forest area.
Tribal Schools run by the Forest Department
Tribal schools run by the Forest Department in Tamil Nadu particularly in Javadis , Jamanamarathur and Indira Gandhi WL Sanctuary have been very successful and have been able to attract tribal children due to the facilities offered in the school. Primary education to tribals in Jawadis where started by the Forest Department as early as 1951 at Jamanamuthur and extended to other villages. In Thiruvannamalai Division there are 9 schools which includes 3 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, one higher secondary school . Similarly in Tirupattur Division there is one higher secondary school, 3 elementary schools and 4 middle schools. The details of schools run by Forest Department are as follows:
Thiruvannamalai Division: - 9
1. Higher Secondary School, Jamnamarathur
2. Middle School, Jamanamarathur
3. Middle School, Kaliyanamandai
4. Middle School, Vilamuchi
5. Middle School, Veerapanur
6. Middle School, Kovilur
7. Elementary School, Vazhakadu
8. Elementary School, Attipattu
9. Elementary School, Kommutheri
Tirupattur Division: - 8
10. Higher Secondary School, Pudurnadu
11. Middle School, Perumpalli
12. Middle School, Thagarakuppam
13. Middle School, Nellivasal
14. Middle School, Melpet
15. Elementary School, Puliyur
16. Elementary School, Pudurnadu
17. Elementary School, Vasanthapuram
Vellore Division :- 1
18. Elementary School, Palampattu
Pollachi WL Division :- 1
19. Hill Tribal Residential Middle School, Top Slip
Over 5000 students are given education in these schools which is run by the Forest Department. The local people and the parents appreciate the efforts taken by these schools in imparting quality education to the students.
There is a provision for seperate accommodation and toilet facilities for both boys and girls.

With the financial assistance from NABARD and State Government improvement works 19 schools (Forest tribal educational Institutions) was carried at a cost of  Rs.507.05 lakhs from 2007-08 to 2008-09.

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