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Rules for Registration as forest Contractors
1) Every Person, who desires, to undertake work or bid in auction sale or send in a tender for work or lease in the Forest Department shall register himself as a Contractor in the Forest Department.

2) Every Contractor shall apply for registration in the prescribed format to the District Forest Officer or any other Forest Officer authorised to function as a Divisional Forest Officer, as the case may be, in whose jurisdiction he wishes to undertake the work or bid in auction or send in a tender.

3) Every application for registration shall be accompanied by a Rupees Two Court Fee Stamp and a Chalan for Rs.100/- being the Application Fee. The Application Fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. The amount shall be remitted into the Government Treasury under the Head “Forest Remittances” to the credit of the Forest Division where the contractor wishes to undertake the work or bid in auction sale or send in a tender. The District Forest Officer/such other Forest Officer authorised in this behalf shall make such enquiries in connection with the application as he considers necessary and call for any further particulars from the applicant before finally disposing of the application. The applicant shall provide the above Officer with necessary facilities for verification of the particulars given in the application.

4) In the case of application which is found to be satisfactory, the Officer accepting the application, shall intimate the applicant in writing the fact of his application having been accepted. The applicant shall, within 15 days of the receipt of the information of acceptance of his application for registration, remit the Registration Fee of Rs.2,000/- only into the Government Treasury under the Head “Forest Remittances” to the credit of the Forest Division concerned and send the chalan to the officer concerned accepting the application. The Officer, on receipt of the chalan, register the name of the Contractor and inform him of such registration accordingly.

5) The Registration Fee will not be refunded under any circumstances to the Registered Contractor.
The registration should be renewed annually by remitting a fee of Rs.500/- (five hundred only) every year





The District Forest Officer/Officer


I herewith submit my application for registering/renewing registration of my name in your register of contractors for works/forest leases in Division.
A chalan for Rs.10 (Rupees ten only) Rs.20 (Rupees Twenty only) towards application fee for registration of contractors/Renewal of registration is enclosed.

Signature of applicant.

1) Name of the applicant (Firm or Contractor)
2) Full address
3) Extent of solvency (Details of immovable properties in his name and the value thereof. A certificate should be produced from the Revenue Department)
4) Is the applicant doing any business other than contract works or supplies?
5) Has the applicant applied previously for registration and if so, with what result?
6) Has the applicant or any one of the partners of the applicant been removed from the list of contractors anywhere at any time. And if so, for what reasons? (Here give full details).
7) Has the applicant registered himself as a contractor with any other registering officer in the Forest Department? If so, full details have to be furnished.
8) List of contracts taken in previous years in the Forest Department.
9) Name of the forest leases/forest works he wishes to take and the amount up to which he wishes to take leases/undertake works.
10) Whether the fee for registration/renewal has been remitted into the treasury and the chalan enclosed to the application.

I declare that the particulars furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge.



Signature of applicant.

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