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Brief History of TNFA
The erstwhile Southern Forest Rangers College, originally known as Madras Forest College, was established in 1912. Mr.F.A.Lodge, C.I.E., Conservator of Forests, Western Circle, Coimbatore, was responsible for the establishment of this college. The Government of India took over the college administration on 1st July 1948. The entire campus (about 195 acres) was handed over to the Government of India on lease for 99 years from 1st July 1952. On 1st April 1955, the ‘Madras Forest College’ was renamed as “Southern Forest Rangers College” (SFRC).
The Government of India conducted ‘Two Year’ training course to 31 batches between 1948 and 1979. It was later modified into ‘One Year’ condensed course in 1980. Altogether, SFRC has trained more than 4000 Rangers between 1912 and 1988. The trainees included not only from India but also from Ceylon, Afghanistan, Uganda, Malaya, Ghana, Fiji, Laos, Sierra Leone, British Guyana, etc.

The Government of India, decided to transfer the responsibility of training the Rangers to the concerned State Governments. SFRC at Coimbatore alone was closed on 1.4.1988. The Government of Tamilnadu revived training activities in SFRC, Coimbatore in January 1990. After taking over from the Government of India, the Tamilnadu Government has initiated several innovative programmes and also has developed the institution equipping it with state-of-the-art facilities.It has developed into a National level training institute, both infrastructure wise and training-quality wise.

Training / Infrastructure Facilities at TNFA
The improvements in the training/ infrastructure facilities at TNFA & TNFC have been undertaken with the financial assistances from the state government, forest corporations like, TAFCORN, Arasu Rubber Corporation and from the special projects like, AHRDP, TAP and WGDP.
Class Room
Assembly Hall
  • An A/C Conference hall with State-of-the-art Audio-Visual & training facilities
  • A/C Auditorium to accommodate about 100 persons fully equipped with every modern training facility
  • State-of-the-art Classrooms with Audio-visual & training Facilities.
  • A fully equipped Computer lab to conduct Computer Training.
  • Modernized assembly hall to conduct examination for trainees and for functions
  • Trainees hostel to accommodate about 200 trainees inside the campus.
  • A play ground to conduct PT / Parade and Games is available in the campus.
  • A well furnished rest house to cater to the needs of the guest faculty and other visiting dignitaries is located in the college campus.
The institution has accommodated all necessary modern training gadgets without compromising on the structural beauty of the building. Some of the relic SFRC training facilities have been preserved in their original form as a symbol of history & heritage.
Conference Hall
Computer Lab
Trainees Hostel
Theme Based Trainings
From 1990-1991, short term in service training programs were conducted for departmental officers & staff under Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) aided Social Forestry Scheme and Tamilnadu Agriculture Development Programme (TNADP). Subjects like Rural Sociology, Productivity Improvement, Soil and Water Conservation, Horticulture, Fodder Development, Live Stock Management, etc., were covered in the training. In addition, theme based trainings like Elephant Management Techniques, Computer Training, Legal Training, Weapon Training, Wildlife Census Training and Project based training under Tamilnadu Afforestation Project are being conducted.
In-service Trainings
At present, six months in-service refresher training courses for promoted Rangers and Foresters are being conducted in TNFA, regularly.
Activities at TNFA

(For all the regular training courses-Rangers/Foresters Six months course)
6.00 am - 6.45 am : Morning PT/Parade/Exercises
9.00 am - 12.50 pm: Classroom Lectures
2.30 pm - 4.15 pm : Lectures/Practicals/field works
5.00 pm - 6.00 pm : Evening Games / Computer Class

Morning Exercise
Evening Games
Room Accommodation
Dining Hall
Recreation Hall
Out-door Activities
Fortnightly weekends: Visit to local forest areas
Tour: State Tour for 2-3 weeks time
Weapon Training: One week (Theory & Practicals)
Technical Training: Tranquilization, First Aid, Modern Nursery Techniques, Soil Profile study, Census, Study of snakes, Man-Wildlife conflict resolution, Yield estimation, Fire fighting techniques, Weapon training etc.
Field Exercise
Survey/ Engineering
Chemical Restraint
Weapon Training
Field visit to Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary
Courses/Subjects Offered for 6 Month Refresher Course)
S No For Rangers S No For Foresters
1 Silviculture 1 Silviculture
2 Forest Botany 2 Forest Botany
3 Forest Mensuration 3 Forest Mensuration
4 Forest Utilization 4 Forest Utilization
5 Surveying & Drawing 5 Surveying & Drawing
6 Forest Protection & law 6 Forest Protection & law
7 Forest Engineering 7 Forest Engineering
8 Office Procedure and Accounts 8 Office Procedure and Accounts
9 Wildlife Management 9 Wildlife Management
10 Watershed Management 10 Soil Conservation & Land Mgmt
11 Forest Management 11 Social Forestry & JFM
12 Forest Ecology & Biodiversity Cons.    
One week compulsory course for IFS Officers
For the first time, TNFA was awarded ‘One Week Refresher Training Course for IFS Officers’ by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, in 2004 - 2005. One Week Refresher Training Course for IFS Officers is attended by Officers at all levels, i.e. from PCCF to DCFs from various States.
  • A course on ‘Biodiversity Conservation’ was successfully conducted in TNFA from 25.10.2004 to 29.10.2004.
  • ‘One Week Refresher Training Course on Forestry and Climate Change' was conducted from 24.10.2005 to 28.10.2005
Since the status and the activities of the institution have changed to national level, in order to promote wider acceptability, the Tamilnadu Government rechristened the institution as ‘Tamilnadu Forest Academy’ in December 2004. The academy is now headed by a Director, in the rank of Chief Conservator of Forests, from 25.8.2005.
Faculty of the Academy

Head of the institution: Addl. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & Director
Supported by:                                                  

  • Two Additional Directors (Chief Conservator of Forests)
  • Two Lecturers (Assistant Conservator of Forests)
  • Four Assistant Lecturers (Rangers)
  • Guest Lecturers/Invitees/Experts
Faculty accommodation
Guest House
Training imparted at Tamil nadu Forest Academy, Coimbatore
  1. Ranger Training
  2. Foresters training 
  3. One week training (on specific topics, such as weapon training, species identification etc.)
Future Improvements
  1. Commissioning of GIS Lab
  2. Improvement to the Hostel facilities

Thus, TNFA has grown from regional to national status and has acquired the capabilities to provide trainings to various levels of officers & the field staff of the forest departments of Tamilnadu and other states.

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