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Expertise Available
Establishment of the Geomatics Centre

The Centre was established under Tamilnadu Afforestation Project (TAP) with funds from Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) in 1997 and with the collaboration of National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA) mainly for database management and development of resource inventory, it became a full-fledged Centre in 2001. The Centre is equipped with necessary Workstations and requisite GIS and Image Processing software for various analytical works.

The unit is headed by Chief Conservator of Forests (IT) with the following staff working under him.
  • Assistant Conservator of Forests (1 No.)
  • Computer Programmer (1 No.)
  • Assistant Programmer (1 No.)
  • Forest Range Officers (5 Nos.)
  • Foresters (2 Nos.)
Facilities Available
  • Unix & Window Workstations
  • LAN and Internet
  • Plotter, Scanner, Laser Printers
  • e-trex GPS Receivers
  • Differential GPS
  • Mobile GPS, Web GIS (under acquisition)
  • Software: Erdas, Arc Info, Arc View, Arc GIS
Training Abroad
  • Two IFS officers have undergone training in UK.
  • Two IFS officers possess post graduate degree in Geo -Informatics from ITC Netherlands.
  • Four Range officers possess Professional masters degree (Natural Resource Management) from ITC Netherlands.
  • Four personnels (ACF, Foresters and Computer Programmer) have undergone Certificate course in Remote Sensing and GIS Application at ITC Netherlands.
Centre for Excellence
  • Geomatics Centre achieved the distinction of receiving Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) award for 2006 amongst more than 100000 ESRI users all over the globe.
  • Geomatics Centre has the potential of imparting training to both domestic candidates as well as International students.
  • Geomatics Centre has trained and extremely experienced field staff, and therefore can offer assistance to the other line departments as well as forest department in India and abroad.
  • Geomatics Centre is striving to become a GIS hub and is aiming to get recognition as the Training Centre for South East Asian countries.
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